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Gallery lavande Sarah

Sarah Williamson completed a Diploma of Arts (Illustration) in 1997.  She gained knowledge and respect for different materials used to create art. After contributing to group exhibitions in Melbourne with her paintings and drawings, Sarah was seeking another challenge. In 2015 Sarah completed an Intensive Glass Fusing Workshop in Melbourne providing her with skills in the medium of glass. Promoting her to explore the textures, colours and light glass creates. Sarah soon fell in love with the science of glass, kiln forming and the heat torch.

In 2012 Sarah undertook further study to become a TAFE teacher. Sarah decided it was time to create Gallery Lavande in 2012 based on the response she received for her workshops and projects she created.  Sarah now conducts leadlight workshops in the Central West of NSW.  She will be relocating to the beautiful town of Bright, Victoria in 2019 and will continue the adult leadlight workshops and kid’s creative art classes.

‘As an Artisan, I am amazed at the designs from glass and the different techniques to achieve unique items.’

The profile of Gallery Lavande has grown through social media, the workshops conducted, commissions and various exhibitions.  Much of Sarah’s inspiration for her creations comes from the brilliant seasonal colours across the Australian landscape.

Contact Sarah to discuss her workshops, commissions or a creative project.

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